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About us

ProMed is a muli-faceted group specializing in MSO/IPA services as well as Merger and Acquisition support. ProMed is a seasoned group of passionate physicians experienced in Mergers and Acquisitions. When asking the tough questions, talk with a fellow physicians that has been through the process, we know the outcome you want and can achieve it with you! We offer a wide range of business services including, Insurance Contracting, Financial Reporting, Merger and Acquisition Services and can pair you with the best Operational Support and Business Development experts in the industry!  Our group has over 35 years of experience growing medial practices and Ambulatory centers all across the country. 

capital services

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Business Services

Business Development

ProMed strives to assist you in developing your business by paring you with the best in the business. As physicians experienced in rapid business growth, Promed can pair you with trusted Business Development consultants to grow your business to be its best.

Mergers and Acquisitions

ProMed takes a simple approach to Capital Raising and Mergers proving a simple, fast, and convenient experience for the practice owners. We strive for a seamless process between ownership and ProMed. Leading to positive outcome for all.

Operational Support

Within the business world operations is the key to running a successful business.  ProMed Management has over 35 successful years of operating top tier facilities all across the country. ProMed will take your practices to the next level with the industries best Operational Support experts!

IPA/MSO services

We provide skillful
IPA/MSO Services

Financial Reporting

Keeping up with the fine details required to run a financially sound company can take up too much of your valuable time as a health care provider. ProMed Management group to take you out of the office and into the exam room doing what you love, seeing your patients! 

Insurance Contracting

Insurance contracting can be a long, and complicated process that can take you away from what you want to do the most, spending time with your patients. ProMed Management group has 35 years of experience in getting the best contract for your practice. Allow us to take the hassle of contracting your practice with insurance to a streamlined and hyper effective level!

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