Mergers and Acquisitions

Mergers and Acquisition

ProMed takes a simple approach to Capital Raising and Mergers proving a simple, fast, and convenient experience for the practice owners. We strive for a seamless process between Practice Physicians,  and the Private Equity Firm. Leading to positive outcome for all.

Choosing a PE Firm

ProMed has current practical and valuable experience in choosing the appropriate PE (Private Equity) partners that are capable and willing to provide the practice appropriate funding, growth and cost saving initiatives, revenue enhancement strategies, patient and employee increased satisfaction techniques, while reducing the work day stress for both providers and staff, and, most importantly, maintaining clear clinical separation.

PE Firm Interviews

ProMed will assist you throughout the PE interview, including, but not limited to the LOI’s (Letters of Intent), PE scaling to final offer (IOI), the selection of a PE partner and Quality of Earnings and Revenue Cycle Management Review. ProMed will further assist you in the Equity Partnership Agreement, the Employee Agreement and the Escrow Agreement, as well as the determination of tax basis, i.e., Capital Gains vs. Personal and due diligence and the process timeline.

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